Why Do Some People Drive You Crazy?

by Rebecca on June 10, 2013

Have you ever wondered why there are some people you work with who you click with right away while others seem to get on your last nerve?  I bet you can easily name people you work with who fit into both of those categories!


A lot of the interactions we have both good and bad are due to different behavior styles.  When these interactions are challenging it can create tension, frustration and conflict.  None of these are good for business-so what is the solution?

The DISC profile is the solution to minimizing the negative work place interactions.  I have been using the DISC profile in my business for the last 7 years and would never bring a new team member on board without having them take a DISC profile.  I am such a believer in the DISC that I became a certified DISC behavior analyst last year.

The DISC profile has been around and validated for over 30 years.  It is different than the more popular Myers Briggs, which is a personality profile.  The DISC focuses on behavior-or how you do what you do and what your tendencies will be.

The DISC breaks down your behavior into 4 categories:

D (Dominant): how you look at problems and challenges.  A High D is a Driver.  They want to get things done.  They are very results oriented and don’t care as much about the details.  They are not very concerned about people’s feeling.  They want the job done and done quickly.

I (Influencing): how you like to interact with and influence people.  High I’s are known as the “people person”.  They often described as expressive, persuasive, easily distracted.  They are loaded with energy and like being around other people.

S (Stable): how you respond to pace and change.  High S’s are friendly, loyal, anti-conflict and like a steady pace.  They are easy to get along with and make great “team” members.  They do not like the spotlight and are often very slow to change.

C (Compliant): how well you follow rules and regulations.  High C’s are best described as the people who read the entire article in JAVMA.  They are analytical, factual and love details and procedures.  They can come off as rigid but to them rules are rules and there is a reason why the rules are in place.

It is easy to see how conflict can arise between a boss who is a High D and a staff member who is a High S.  The D wants to make decisions quickly and doesn’t care if feelings get hurt meanwhile the S wants to make decisions slowly making sure everyone agrees.

The challenge for all of us is when we see people behaving differently than we would –we tend to think there is something fundamentally wrong with them.  Instead it may just be a difference in how we respond to situations that come up at work.

Conflicts will arise in your hospital and most of them stem from difference in behavior/communication styles.  That is why learning more about your DISC profile as well as those around you can set you up to take your animal hospital from average to awesome.

 If you are interested in learning more about the DISC and how it can help you take your leadership and your hospital from average to awesome, please contact us and we can discuss solutions we have available for you.

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