Who is on Your Team?

by Rebecca on March 25, 2013

This afternoon I am going to compete in the 13.2 CrossFit Open workout.  This is essentially 10 minutes of pushing myself through box jumps, deadlifts and shoulder to overheads.  During this 10-minute period, I will get unbelievably tired, and it may even get bad enough that I want to quit. I won’t quit because I will have friends who will be cheering me on.  Even if I feel like giving up on myself, I know I will not want to let my teammates down.

This is a great analogy to work isn’t it?  There are times where I honestly don’t “feel” like doing all the work I need to do.  I am in one of those seasons right now and I hope it is over soon quite honestly.  During these tough times, I wonder is all my effort and energy worth it?  Will I really make a difference?  My heart tells me I should be getting the rewards for my work now, yet my head knows that it takes a lot of effort over a long time before I will begin to see the fruits of my labor.  I know that that the work I am doing matters, but all of the “what if’s “can sometimes be daunting.

Having people around you who care about you, who cheer you on, and help you carry the load is not only essential during a grueling CrossFit workout, but EVERY day in your hospital.

In your hospital these people are known as your leadership team– the key people in your hospital who you meet with once a week.  These key people are people who you TRUST and who share your core values.  It is not possible to thrive (instead of just survive) without KEY people in your hospital who need to be your biggest supporters!

Your animal hospital’s leadership team is crucial to help you create the culture you aspire to and live out your hospital’s vision every day. You MUST create your leadership team at your hospital because it is just not possible for one person to carry the load anymore.

Even though you may love what you do, there are times you will wonder if it is all worth it and you may even question, like me- Am I making a difference?  I believe that you are making a difference, but I also know that all of the challenges I face as practice owner I cannot handle on my own, and neither can you!

 Do you have a leadership team, and are these people your biggest supporters in your hospital?  

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