Where is Your Hospital Going to Be in December 2014?

by Rebecca on December 9, 2013

  • bigstock-upturn----49300547Do you need to upgrade your hospital’s website?
  • Are you going to have more raving fans?
  • Is your team going to be more productive and satisfied than they have ever been?
  • How many Facebook likes do you want your hospital to have by December 2014?
  • Is your hospital going to be more financially secure than in 2013?

These are all good questions to ask and I am sure you can come up with a ton of others.

So then what are you doing NOW to have a game plan in place so that 2014 can be your hospital’s best year ever?  I am planning to take half a day this Friday to answer some of those questions for my business, and you should do the same!

 Direction not intention determines destination

 -Andy Stanley

This is so true. Without direction, even if we have the best intentions, we will not end up where we wanted to go.  Where do you want your hospital to be 12 months from now?

Here are some ideas that can help you get moving in the right direction.

1. Have no more than 3-5 annual goals for your hospital.  Too many goals will most likely lead to nothing getting accomplished-I know I have been guilty of that in the past.

2. Make sure that each goal is a SMART goal

  • Specific- identify exactly what you want to accomplish as specifically as you can.

              I want to increase TVSS’s social media presence on Facebook in 2014.

  • Measurable-Quantify the result.

               I want the TVSS Facebook page to reach at least 600 likes by the end of 2014.

  • Actionable-every goal should start with an action verb rather than a to-be verb (am, be, have)

               Post at least once on the TVSS Facebook page Monday through Friday

  • Realistic-you want to be stretched by a goal but don’t be ridiculous either.  A good way to think about this is what would be awesome for your hospital to do but may be a little beyond what you think could happen.

               It would be nuts to think we could quadruple (1000) our Facebook likes by December, 2014 but a little more than                                     doubling it would be a tough but attainable goal.

  • Time-bound-every goal should have a date associated with it.

              We want to have at least 600 Facebook likes on the TVSS page by December 31, 2014.

3. Write your goals down.  This seems intuitive but how many people let alone animal hospitals do you know that have their annual goals written down and in a place where they are easily reviewable?

 4. Review your annual goals at each leadership team meeting.  You and your leadership team are the captains of the ship and you MUST be reviewing your annual goals with enough frequency that everyone on the leadership team can recite them from memory.

5. Let your team know what goals you (and your leadership team) have set for 2014.  Also these goals should be reviewed with entire team at least monthly to ensure that everyone knows what the plan is and how well you are doing at meeting the goals.

You are a smart person, so I know I don’t need to convince you of the importance of setting goals for your hospital. However, life gets busy, and taking time to plan for the upcoming year is not easy. What may be news to you though is your hospital is like a living being. It is constantly changing-it is improving or it is getting worse.  It is up to you to make certain it is headed where you want it to go!

 What day are you and your leadership team going to sit down to plan for 2014?  

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