What is Your Trigger?

by Rebecca on February 2, 2014

What is your trigger

To give up my Diet Coke….

Though many of you have been shy about the “one thing” you are going to be working on in the comments section; we did get a good response over in our Facebook group (if you would like to be part of that let us know). People were working on a variety of things including giving up soft drinks, staying off of technology for a certain time in the evening, and training for a half marathon.

As you may remember, my one thing was to stay off of the Internet from the time I get home until the kids go to bed. This has always been a real issue for me especially when I am stressed!

I have done a lot of reading on habit formation and one of the best things I picked up was determining what trigger was standing in my way of accomplishing a particular goal.  For me, probably like many of you, when I see my ™ or my iPad™- I immediately want to pick it up and see what I may have missed.

The best and easiest way to stay off my devices was to just keep them out of my sight.  This may not be the same trigger for you, but it worked for me.

The simplest way for me to keep it out of my sight was to just leave all those devices in the truck until the kids go to bed.  It is amazing how well changing one thing enabled me to create a GOOD habit.  My “one thing” was not 100% success though.  Last night, I was not thinking and accidentally brought my phone and iPad™ in the house and guess what- I was on my iPad™ before I even realized it!


I replaced it with unsweetened tea.

A few years ago, I decided I had to give up Diet Coke™.  This was the hardest thing I ever did! It probably took me a good year to lose the cravings for that addicting substance. I knew replacing Diet Coke™ with water would never work.  I needed something similar but a lot healthier, which turned out to be unsweetened, iced tea.

We all have different triggers and the key is figuring those out.  My Diet Coke™ addiction was more about the ritual of drinking a big drink every morning and afternoon rather than what it was that I was drinking.  Once I replaced those Diet Cokes™ with unsweetened iced tea, replacing Diet Coke™ at any other time a day became much easier. Now the taste of Diet Coke™ repulses me.

I recently stumbled on to www.jamesclear.com.  James publishes two articles a week and most of them are about creating better habits.  I would strongly encourage you to check him out.  Also, the book “The Power of a Habit” by Charles Duhigg is another great resource if you want to create lasting positive change in your life.

What you will learn from both of these authors (and what might actually surprise you) is with a few little tweaks, how easy it can be to shift a bad habit to a good habit or to create a new habit all together!

 Have you figured out any triggers that are helping or hurting you?

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