What Are The Communication Walls?

by Rebecca on May 31, 2015

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Communication: The 4 Walls that Protect Your Team

Once CLARITY is in place (the leadership team, purpose and core values, and uniqueness,) then putting up the 4 walls of communication is next.Communication walls

Now honestly, most meetings turn into nothing but complaining sessions and the best part is nothing gets accomplished.  That is NOT what I am talking about!

One of the best things we have started in TVSS is a weekly leadership team meeting. We also have a monthly TVSS team meeting (Ideally, we should have at least two of these per month, however, the way our staffing works that is not possible right now.)

The following make up the 4 walls of COMMUNICATION:

  1. Weekly leadership team meetings
  2. Weekly or biweekly staff meetings
  3. Communication with your team in the way you would want to be communicated with
  4. Sharing of core values and purpose by the Leadership team

Weekly leadership team meetings- This is the time you work on where you want to go as a hospital.  This is a great opportunity to bring up issues that need to be addressed but also spend some time working on future planning.

Weekly/biweekly staff meetings- I know there is a lot of push back with this idea, but really, how can you expect your staff to be on the same flight as you, when you have not given them an itinerary.  How often we ask, “why can’t people just do their jobs” when a better question might be, “do they clearly know what your expectations are?”  Tasks need to be delegated, assigned and given a due date.  This is also the ideal time to bring up what is working well.  Point out instances when team members have gone above and beyond-when they have clearly lived out your hospital’s values and purpose.  There is a simple idea that works well with any relationship we have- What gets rewarded gets repeated.

Reinforcement of Clarity: This is essential to creating your ideal hospital.  You can hang your statement of purpose and core values on the wall and post them on your website, but if they are not reinforced by you and the entire leadership team, they will not stick!!  You must repeat these ideas at least every 21 days, and over time, they will become part of your hospital’s DNA.

Golden Rule Communication: This really goes back to the basics.  One of the tenants I try to live by (but don’t always get right) is to treat people the way I want to be treated.  It is essential that you and the entire leadership team live by this every day.  Over time, your authenticity will show, and the entire team will buy into this, but don’t expect that to happen overnight.  Also, we are all human, and we all make mistakes.  Be the bigger person. Apologize when needed- vulnerability goes a long way in building trust, and trust among the entire team is essential to creating your ideal hospital.

Do you agree that these 4 walls are essential? Do you have anything to add?



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