What Always Fills a Communication Void

by Rebecca on March 1, 2015

What Always Fills a Communication VoidNote: We are sharing some of the most popular posts from our archives. We believe this topic is as relevant today as it was when originally written and we hope you’re challenged in new ways.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who works for an animal hospital I do not do work for (you will understand why I am telling you that in a minute) and she was very frustrated with her work situation.

From her perspective, there is a serious lack of communication from the practice owner.  She says to me “no one knows what is going on but then again why would we because the boss isn’t telling us anything.” Wow, I would cringe if any of my team ever said that about me.

What I have learned as a business owner is that unfortunately NEGATIVITY always fills a communication void.  Yes that is an always because I believe it is unfortunately our natural default to assume worse rather than the best.

Back when I was just starting my practice, I would start freaking out about why a particular hospital had not called me in awhile- did they not like me anymore, were they not happy with the job I had done or did I do something to irritate them (yes, I am much more neurotic than I may seem to be on the surface-part of being a surgeon is getting good at hiding my true feelings!)?

Well more than 9 times out of 10, they just did not have any surgery for me-imagine that!

Communication when you are the one in charge can be draining- you hear yourself talk about the why behind what you do (purpose) and the way you are going to what you do (core values) day after day and you get sick of hearing them!

What we as the leaders of our hospitals must always remember is that we cannot communicate enough with our team.  About the time you are really getting sick of talking about your hospital’s core purpose and core values they are just beginning to get cemented into your team’s DNA.

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