Welcome to the Launching of CatalystVETS

by Rebecca on January 21, 2013


It is hard to believe that what was first envisioned 3 years ago now has a location on the Internet.  I began my business, Tarheel Veterinary Surgical Specialists, 10 years ago, and I soon realized that the biggest rate-limiting step in my business was actually me.  From that moment, I have been committed to improving my leadership ability through the good, bad and ugly times.

Those of you know me, know some days I really miss the mark, but when I do I try to learn from my mistakes and not keep repeating them.  What I realized as I traveled around from small animal hospital to small animal hospital is that many practice owners feel like they are on an island.  They feel that they should know all the answers-both medical and business, work tirelessly, and never let anyone see them sweat.  I hope that each of you reading this knows that is not remotely possible.

CatalystVETS was a way to bring like-minded people in our industry together so we can share ideas and connect with each other.  Difficult times will come our way and knowing you have other people who you can trust to ask advice of and gain insight from is invaluable.

As anyone in our industry can see, we are being slowly being taken over by corporate medicine, and I believe unless we start embracing a “new way of thinking,” the traditional privately owned small animal hospital will not be thriving in 10-15 years.

Ultimately, CatalystVETS exists to equip YOU with relevant resources that offer clarity, facilitate communication, and instill the importance of culture to create YOUR unique animal hospital.

The path we have chosen as business owners and veterinarians is rewarding but tough and demanding.  It is so much easier to make the tough decisions and hard choices when you know you have a community you can turn to who can honestly help you.

Please take a look at our site and reach out to us.  We would love to have the opportunity to connect and help you decide if CatalystVETS is a fit for you and your animal hospital.

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