The Number One Goal of Parenting

by Rebecca on August 6, 2012

 “Rules without relationship equals rebellion.”-Josh McDowell


This is my favorite quote with regards to parenting though it is true in every aspect of life.

Not only am I a veterinary surgeon, a business owner and a wife, but I am also a mother to two great kids who could not be more different. My oldest, Ben is obsessed with traveling and exploring the world. He has also developed an affinity for lizards in the last few months. Arden, my daughter is all about hanging out at home, art and gymnastics, though I am betting there may be veterinary school in her future.

Being a parent is scary and some days so completely draining! There are times when I can’t get enough of my kids, and there other times I literally have to keep myself from completely going off on them. Welcome to parenting! There is also nothing more I would rather be than a great mom. Some days I do well and some days I do not, but I always try to remember that my relationship with them is where it all begins.

Yesterday was not a good day for me, I had a really challenging case at work and by the time I got home I was emotionally and physically exhausted! The challenge for me is that this is when I want to do the least for those I love the most!

It was all I could do to get thru making dinner, getting a few must do’s completed, and reading a book with Arden. Yesterday was not a great parenting day for me, but I also know it is times like that when I need to focus on the big picture and not beat myself up for not being a better parent on a particular day.

I actually told my kids about the difficult case and explained why I was so worn out. I am not certain “they get it” yet, but I think they do and I would rather explain the reason for the way I feel than for them to think it has anything to do with them.

Above all else, I think it is essential that I focus on my relationship with Ben and Arden, and that they know I will never give up on having a relationship with them no matter how trying it can sometimes be.

I want them to have it cemented in their DNA that I will always have their back, and I will always be their biggest supporter. I want to help them discover their unique role in the world-whatever that might be.

What is one thing you can do to improve your relationship with your kids?

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