Take a Step Back to Move Forward

by Rebecca on June 19, 2012

I am a move forward kind of person-always looking for the next new thing or idea that is going to change my world.  That being said, one thing I have finally figured out is that in order to move ahead, sometimes you need to take a step back.  This is especially true when you are a business owner.Woman walking on beach

Are you are struggling with not being able to get it all done?  Are you wondering what is wrong with “your people”- you pay them well, and you don’t understand why they just won’t do their job the way it needs to be done?  Well, instead of giving up, instead of being a martyr, instead of firing everyone and starting over-WHY NOT TAKE A STEP BACK?

I have learned when things in our business start getting out of control, the first thing I need to do is gather my team and remind them of why we do what we do.  TVSS has a very distinct purpose, and our team must work together to accomplish this.  That being said, it IS my responsibility as the leader to make sure we collectively take a moment to be clear about our purpose and our core values.  Instead of doing what I want to do, which is take over and do more, I need to take a deep breath and spend some time making sure the entire team is on the same page.

Please don’t think any of this comes naturally to me. Those who know me well can tell you without a doubt it does not, but I also know ultimately the buck stops with me, and I have a choice.

I can choose to plow ahead leaving a path of destruction in my way, or I can take a STEP BACK, take a breath, and make sure that I review with my team why we are doing what we do and how it needs to be done.

Would love your thoughts.  Does taking a step back come naturally to you or do you, like me, really have to work at it?

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