CatalystVETS is based upon the 4-C Blueprint of Clarity, Communication, Culture, and Creation, which is essential to helping our partner veterinarians create their unique and thriving animal hospital.

We believe that these fundamental building blocks must be in place in order to develop a strong environment and rekindle passion and compassion in the veterinary community.



A firm foundation is critical to creating your unique animal hospital, which is why it’s important to begin by identifying your authentic core values and purpose.

The purpose– or, simply put, “why you do what you do” – is bigger than just “being profitable” or “caring for animals.” Your purpose should resonate with you and make you excited to come to work everyday.

Being an animal hospital owner is not easy and is becoming more and more difficult. To be an effective leader and live a balanced life, responsibility has to be shared. That’s why CatalystVETS encourages the formation of a hospital leadership team that includes the key members of your organization. The leadership team is responsible for vision casting within your organization and leading people toward that vision.

The final element of clarity is identifying your uniqueness. What separates your hospital from the one a mile down the road? If your hospital is “cookie cutter,” then you are nothing more than a commodity. Each animal hospital needs to find its uniqueness and use it as a hiring tool, a marketing tool, and a way to bring like-minded team members and clients to your hospital. This should be something that truly makes you STAND OUT in the crowd.


Once the foundational components are in place, you can begin to build the structure. This structure consists of:

1. Weekly Leadership Team meetings
2. Biweekly team meetings
3. Communication with your team in the way you would want to be communicated with
4. Sharing of core values and purpose by the Leadership Team


Once the foundation and structure are complete, only then can you establish the culture you want to have. The culture gets created on the inside. When you have a great culture in place, the final step of true, sustainable creation can occur.


Creation is like the rocket boosters – it’s where true change occurs. Before you add rocket boosters, you can make as many changes as you want to your foundation and structure, but you’ll stay firmly planted on the ground. Similarly, if you add the rocket boosters too early, before everything else is securely in place, you may be able to launch something, but it won’t last long – and it won’t stay on course.

This 4-C Blueprint, in conjunction with our ideas and guidance, can lead to the creation of sustainable and thriving animal hospitals consisting of people who believe in and support the unique vision of their organization.