Is Your Animal Hospital Worth Checking Out?

by Rebecca on January 20, 2014

Is your hospital worth checking outA few years back, I was looking to create a website so one of the first things the developers had me do is to find other veterinary websites that I liked.  This was the first time I had spent any time looking at a bunch of veterinary sites-both specialty and general and that is when I quickly realized that most of these sites are horrible!

Here is what I saw as the three biggest issues:

  • They followed a template– these sites did not require much creativity at all.  As a matter of fact I could pull up a few different hospitals in the same town and they all looked EXACTLY alike other than the pictures and the colors.  A lot of the wording was even the same-seriously! There are good web designers out there- find them and use them.  LOSE THE TEMPLATE!!
  • They did not tell your story– where are your core values? Where is your WHY behind what you do?  You are losing an essential connection point with current and new clients when you are not telling them who and what you are all about! This is where you differentiate your hospital from the one right down the road.  You MUST STAND OUT if you want to get noticed.
  • Lose the crappy quality pictures and video– this is really inexcusable.  Kudos to the sites jumping into the videos because that is definitely where it is headed.  But do not ever put up grainy, crappy pictures or video- I think this is worse than not having it at all.  Have them done right or don’t do them at all. You want professional.  You want excellence-spend some money to get it done right!

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have and you MUST realize it is an investment not just something you check off as being done.

STOP wasting money with yellow page ads and invest it in your website.

If you are like me, I have often decided to check out a new restaurant based on their website alone.  If the website sucks I assure you I will not waste my time-what do people think when they see your animal hospital’s website?

 Is your animal hospital worth checking out?

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