How to Improve Customer Service for $50 or Less

by Rebecca on June 8, 2012

When we think about improving customer service, we tend to think of elaborate programs or webinars designed to improve customer service, but I have a much simpler idea than that to get you started.  How about offering free Wi-Fi for your clients?wifiIt baffles me how many hospitals we go into who have Wi-Fi, but there is not a single network open to customers.  I know most of us are not very tech savvy, but technology is something we must embrace in order to better serve our customers.

Some of the pushback I have heard is, “Well, we don’t want them there for that long anyway.”  Why not make anytime they have to wait a better experience for them?  We all know how fast time flies when you are surfing the web!

Another is, “Well, most people have access via a 3g or 4g network.”  Yes, that is true, but using their 3g or 4g network depletes data from their plan.  Providing Wi-Fi does not.  Again, we must remember we should always be looking to improve the client experience.

While we are on this subject, what about online appointment scheduling and the ability to check out in the examination room?  These are things that can truly make your customers lives easier and set you apart from other hospitals.

What have you done or what are you planning to do in the next 60 days to improve your client’s experience at your hospital?

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