How One Hospital’s Core Values Made a Tough Decision Easier

by Rebecca on November 25, 2013

core values (2)We have the privilege of working with many great hospitals and great people.  A few weeks back, we were at one of those hospitals and we got to watch their core values in action.

We were there doing a procedure, and one of the assistants who was helping us with radiographs, seemingly was no longer around?

What happened, we found out later, was she had broken one of their core values and it all came to a head the day we were there.  I bet you are thinking a lot of drama and chaos ensued while we were there, but they handled it so professionally we did not even know what had happened until it was done.

The owner and practice manager had met and they decided right then and there this employee had to go.  What was ironic about the situation is five minutes before they were going to fire her, she came in and quit!

This hospital’s leadership team is dedicated to building the unique culture that is important to them, and that began with establishing their core values.  Core values are non-negotiable, and if they are broken, then there are consequences.

What can you learn from this?

  •  Having core values makes tough decisions easier
  •  Once you have enough information, don’t beat around the bush-make the decision and move on
  •  You cannot convince someone to buy into your hospital’s core values- they either do or they do not.

We have worked with this hospital for many years and over the last few years they have really worked on developing their hospital’s clarity– who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

Seeing how well their team truly functions from the inside is awesome.  We have seen them grow and become a team of people who are dedicated to having a good time while caring for the pets and people they serve.

Obviously, like any hospital, things come up, but seeing how well they handled a very difficult situation was great!  I know they will only continue to live out what matters most to them every day.

 What Are You Willing to do in Order to Protect Your Hospital’s Core Values?

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