How Did Your One Thing Go?

by Rebecca on January 28, 2013

committooneAt the end of December, I committed to take 5-10 minutes at the end of each day and really reflect on the day. I have tried this before, but it has never really stuck. This time, however, I was determined to make it a habit.

Through my daily reflection over the last 30 days, I was able to see things from a better perspective. It has given me clarity on many things both with my professional and personal life. One of the best things I have taken away is the ability to more clearly see my limits. Realizing that I actually have limits will help me come up with strategies to manage the daily stresses I have as a wife, mom, business owner, boss, and veterinary surgeon.

One of my God-given traits is my tenacity. I have always been very proud of this, and it has worked well for me. I am one of those people who if someone says I can’t do something, then I will be certain I do accomplish it or I will about kill myself trying. Though my tenacity has worked very well for me in the past, sometimes our strengths can become weaknesses when they are not used properly.

A good example of this would be overtaxing our work schedule, not necessarily because we have to, but for the challenge. That may work okay for me in the short term, but the pace we have led at times is completely unsustainable not only for my team but also for me.

What I have realized is the traits that got me where I am may not take me where I want to go. This is a tough pill to swallow, and it means I have to change my mind-set. What once worked for me, especially professionally, is no longer working, and I have had to let that type of behavior go.

I have learned so much about myself over the last 30 days and now I know that taking this time to reflect daily is something I must do for myself. Daily reflection has become a habit that I not only enjoy, but I find cathartic as well. I hope your one thing has done the same for you!

Please share, what was your one thing? What did you learn about yourself over the last 30 days?

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