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by Rebecca on April 5, 2015

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There are four things you must do in order to create the type of animal hospital you have always imagined.  You must create clarity, improve communication, develop an ideal culture, and create your unique animal hospital.

Having these core principles in place will help you:

  1. Attract the right people
  2. Make your practice stand out in a crowd
  3. Allow you to have a life, as well as be a practice owner

A great analogy for this is how you would go about building a house.  First is the foundation, then the walls, next the inside, and lastly the roof.

Clarity, the foundation:

  • First, knowing and articulating your why (purpose) and core values;
  • Second, creation of your leadership team;
  • Last, figuring out your uniqueness-what makes you stand-out from the hospital a mile down the road.

Once you have the foundation set, then the walls go up. Communication, the four walls:

Building a House1. There needs to be scheduled weekly leadership team meetings.

2. Scheduled weekly or biweekly team (hospital staff) meetings.

3. “ Golden rule” communication

4. Sharing of core values and purpose by the Leadership Team

Once you have the foundation and walls in place, all the good stuff can happen on the inside. Culture, what happens on the inside:

This is when you can mold the culture to be anything you envision.  Your hospital’s culture is what sets you apart from the hospital that is a mile down the road.  It is what brings in the people you want and keeps others far away.

Once you have the foundation, walls and inside complete, then the roof goes on. Creation, the roof:

This is when real and lasting change occurs.  This is when you have an engaged team who are working in their strengths and enabling you to have the most successful hospital possible.

I firmly believe that if you take a step back and take some time to really focus on these 4 core ideas, you can envision, create, and sustain your ideal animal hospital. Leave a comment here or over on Facebook and let me know which of these areas are you working on right now? 

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