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Even in the midst of financial pressure and day-to-day stresses, the enthusiasm you and your staff had when you entered the veterinary community is not lost. But, the only way to uncover and reclaim your unique animal hospital is to get started. CatalystVETS is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to become a better leader, delegator, and team member.

Check out the checklist above to make sure you’re connecting with CatalystVETS in as many ways as possible. We’re excited to partner with you.

Quarterly Events

CatalystVETS currently hosts quarterly meetings which are regularly attended by the leadership teams of CatalystVETS partner hospitals. Each event focuses on an aspect of our 4-C Blueprint and how it can be applied to the creation of unique animal hospitals locally, regionally, and nationwide.

Community Groups

Improvement is a challenge and it is almost impossible to do on your own. This is where the CatalystVETS community groups come in.

CatalystVETS currently has community groups (4-6 veterinarians) meeting regularly throughout the month. These groups of like-minded people are scheduled and maintained independently. Together, we will get to share the struggles, success, and areas of improvement in each other’s practices, as well as dream about the future. But…  ultimately, create the professional and personal lives we all desire.

Contact us to find a community group near you. Or, if one doesn’t exist yet, we’d love to help you get one started! There’s strength in numbers, and together, we can make a difference.

What others are saying about CatalystVETS

“I have had the fortune of being able to have my whole team (doctor, receptionists, and technicians) be a part of CatalystVETS and it has been such an invaluable resource. CatalystVETS is a unique group of veterinarians and support staff that are truly dedicated to improving the quality of health of our hospitals, our patients, our clients, and ourselves.

We walk away from each meeting recharged and with a greater sense of connection with the veterinary community around us. We feel honored to be a part of CatalystVETS and have grown together both as a team and individually because of our involvement. THANK YOU CATALYSTVETS!!” 

– Ginger Tran, DVM, Owner, Heritage Animal Hospital

“CatalystVETS offers a community of veterinarians to work alongside one another for a common goal – improving our profession! The support and camaraderie CatalystVETS provides makes us better leaders in our practice so we can create an environment and culture for our team to thrive!”

–  Billy Richardson, DVM