Community Groups

One of the key benefits of partnering with CatalystVETS is the opportunity to join a community group. We currently have community groups made up of practice owners, associate veterinarians, and practice managers.

We strategically match each CatalystVETS partner with a group of peers to meet periodically outside the quarterly CatalystVETS meetings. We’ll ensure that there are not “direct competitors” in the same community groups so there is not conflict of interest.

The Community Groups are the “secret sauce” of CatalystVETS because this is where meaningful relationships are formed. The your community group becomes your “go to” people when a challenge arises in your hospital, or even in your life; they’re your sounding board and your cheering squad. They’ll also be your accountability team as you take steps towards your goals.

You’re not on an island. We all have struggles, but you don’t have to carry them alone. Let CatalystVETS come along side you to bring clarity and help restore the passion you had when you first set out in the great field of veterinary medicine.