Clarity (Part 3) – What Makes Your Hospital Unique?

by Rebecca on April 29, 2013

After creating your leadership team and identifying your hospital’s purpose and core values then you are ready for the last building block, which is UNIQUENESS.Single red tulup in a field of yellows

As much as the other two areas are essential-this last building block is where you can tap into the creativity of your entire team.  If you do, I bet you will come up with great ideas to differentiate your hospital from the crowd.

Today, competition is fierce, and if you have a cookie cutter hospital (that is exactly like one that is a mile away,) why should you expect people to choose your hospital instead of the one around the corner?  Your hospital’s UNIQUENESS should be a real game changer.  Again, like defining your PURPOSE, this should be something that gets you excited.

One of my favorites is my friend’s hospital, who’s UNIQUENESS, is all about creating a Ritz Carlton™ experience for her patients and clients.  Not only does she and her team do this amazingly well, but once she vocalized her hospital’s UNIQUENESS- the way in which they do things completely made sense-greeting customers by name, getting the door for them, exceeding expectations.  Creating these experiences becomes not just “have to’s” but “get to’s” when your team understands and embraces your hospital’s UNIQUENESS.

While brainstorming about this, we had recommended she take her team (albeit small team) to spend the night at a Ritz Carlton™.  How many people who work in an animal hospital have ever had the opportunity to do something like that?  I am certain this experience will forever cement in her team’s DNA what the Ritz Carlton™ experience she is trying to emulate is all about!

The possibilities for your hospital’s UNIQUENESS are endless, but you must decide on ONE.  Well, you don’t have to, but if you want to create the hospital you have always envisioned, I challenge you to take some time and really figure out what your UNIQUENESS is or what you want it to be!

For any of you who have been working on this or want to, please feel free to share any ideas you have.

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