Clarity (Part 2) Your Purpose and Core Values

by Rebecca on April 22, 2013

This is probably one of my favorite subjects because this is the area you can start differentiating your hospital from the one a mile down the road. Figuring out your WHY– the reason you started your hospital is essential.   You, as the owner, can come up with this on your own, but it is actually quite a great experience to go through with your leadership team.

The best way to come up with your WHY– is to figure out what gets you fired up.  Like I have mentioned, Tarheel Veterinary Surgical Specialists’ WHY is to provide the surgical excellence and compassionate service we would want for our own pets.  That is not a statement that would work for all surgical groups, but it is why each of us on the team does what we do.  It makes the bad days better and the good days great.

It is amazingly powerful to make decisions based on a single sentence.

Your WHY will provide CLARITY, not only for you, but more importantly, CLARITY for everyone in your hospital.  Fundamentally, we all want to be associated with something bigger than ourselves, and having a PURPOSE beyond just making money will provide that for your team.

Core ValuesOnce your PURPOSE is established, it is essential that your leadership team develop CORE VALUES that support the PURPOSE.  The CORE VALUES should provide standards of behavior that MUST be maintained by everyone on the team.  Your CORE VALUES will provide the framework for how the day-to-day interactions at your hospital occur.

One note on CORE VALUES– the hard part is not coming up with them.   The hard part is living them out every day.  You and the leadership team must ALWAYS adhere to the core values or they will soon be seen by your team as a joke and will then become more detrimental to the morale than if you did not have them at all.

So take the challenge- Come up with your PURPOSE and CORE VALUES– if you do I assure you will be starting down the path of creating the hospital you have always longed for!

Please share your hospital’s CORE PURPOSE or CORE VALUES with us

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