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I Got Reported to the Veterinary Medical Board

by Rebecca on April 12, 2015

This is something I never thought would happen to me. To be completely transparent, I really used to think, “How could that ever happen to me”. I communicate well with clients, we do a great job and have systems in place to prevent things from falling through the cracks and for goodness sakes, I don’t […]

3 Tips for Getting Through Tough Times

by Rebecca on March 22, 2015

The last few weeks have been rough! Between a busy schedule, drill bits breaking in surgery and weird cases I am ready for a break. On top of that, I have had a nagging pain in my back and leg that won’t go away and then picked up some type of GI bug that was […]

4 Rules for Reaching any Goal

by Rebecca on March 15, 2015

It is amazing to me that I can go through all the rigors of professional school and accomplish my professional goals, yet getting my body composition where I want it seems to be completely baffling for me. We all have our struggles and things we want to do better, but how often do we set […]

Since the beginning of the year, I have really been working to figure out what about my life drains my energy and how I can do less of those things.   Believe it or not, performing surgery isn’t what drains me — most days!   Probably the most exhausting part of my job is talking on […]

What you need to know about your “one thing”

by Rebecca on February 15, 2015

Note: We are sharing some of the most popular posts from our archives. We believe this topic is as relevant today as it was when originally written and we hope you’re challenged in new ways. Join the conversation in the comments or on Facebook – we love hearing from you! Though many of you have […]