Awesome is Not Average

by Rebecca on April 1, 2013

AwesomeversusaverageI do not know about you, but I want to have an awesome surgical practice.  I want to run my business in such a way that my customers think we are awesome.  I do not want people ever use our services because we have the best prices or are the most convenient option.

How do we work on being awesome?  We try out best to live out our core values every day.  We want people to look at our core values and agree that Tarheel Veterinary Surgical Specialists demonstrates the values it promotes.   My team and I work tirelessly to create raving fans.  We want people to walk away from their experience with us wishing they could receive the same level of care and compassion from their physician.

In our world, average keeps us busy until another alternative comes along.  Awesome makes people want to wait until we are available to perform their pet’s surgery.  Average results in my clients being satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.  Awesome makes them want to tell their friends and neighbors about the wonderful experience they had with my team as well as how great their pet is doing after surgery.

 Why should you work on creating an awesome animal hospital instead of an average one?

Mainly, because I do not think the “average” animal hospital will be thriving in the next 10-15 years. Average hospitals may survive but it will take being awesome to thrive.  Personally, I believe working on becoming awesome is a lot better than working on being average. An average animal hospital is one that your clients go to for convenience.  An awesome animal hospital is one who has plenty of clients who come to you for the experience they and their pet receives even though you are not open 7 days a week.

Average animal hospitals do not have client loyalty.  Awesome animal hospitals create great client loyalty.  Average animal hospitals focus on the transaction and even have phrase for it called the “ACT” or the average client transaction.  Awesome hospitals focus on the experience your clients and their pets have when they come to your hospital.  Awesome animal hospitals know that focusing on creating a great experience will result in a great bottom line over time.

Have you decided that you want to work on creating your awesome animal hospital?  Awesome is not easy but it is worth it, and CatalystVETS is here to get you started.  Check out our 4C blueprint which contains all the building blocks you need to be well on your way to creating your own awesome animal hospital.

What does your animal hospital do to make itself awesome?

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