Are You Living the Life You WANT to Live?

by Rebecca on January 18, 2015

create the life you wan to live

Note: We are sharing some of the most popular posts from our archives. We believe this topic is as relevant today as it was when originally written and we hope you’re challenged in new ways. 

Remember those days we thought we were so tough? Those days back in veterinary school when we had a pharmacology exam and pathology exam in the same week? Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to go back to those days? Our only worries were which test we had, or our one or two patients we had to take care of on our medicine rotation.  If you’re like me, you wonder what the heck you did with all that free time you had back then.

Now, life is crazy. Most of us are juggling a career and a family; paying off school loans; possibly being a business owner; and all the extra headaches (and rewards) that come with that.  But what about time for you?  Do you exercise regularly?  Do you take care of you?

It’s so easy to just become reactive to what the world throws at you. That’s what most people do. We often think when we make more money, or when we have more time, we’ll focus on ourselves.

 What if there was a way to create the life you want to live NOW?

 What if you could have a sense of clarity about where your life is headed?

 What if you had something that would enable you to achieve that elusive work/life balance in your life?

How would it feel to not be stressed at the end of a busy week, but have peace of mind because you know your focus was on what is most important to you?

Our mission at CatalystVETS is to provide you with the relevant resources and meaningful relationships you need to create the professional and personal life you desire.  One of the best ways we can do that is by providing you with the CatalystVETS Life Blueprint.  This document takes you through where you are now in your life. More importantly, it also takes you where you want to be in 10, 15 and even 20 years. The CatalystVETS Blueprint helps you create the life YOU desire.

Today is the day to stop just reacting to life. It’s time to start creating the life you desire.  Contact us here. We’ll get you started on the path to finding clarity, balance and peace of mind in your life.


What are you doing today to live the life of your dreams?

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