A Two-In-One Facebook Feature You Should Be Using

by Guest Blogger on September 9, 2013

Jana Grabill has a Bachelors degree in Communications with an emphasis in Media and Marketing from the University of Central Florida. Her professional journey in the veterinary industry spans over 11 years and includes managing multiple practices and their teams, sales and marketing for leading industry vendors, and internal communications for corporate affairs in the veterinary industry.

Her educational background and professional experience together inspired a passion to help veterinary practices adapt to and grow with technology and new media marketing trends. For several years she has been blogging and consulting for veterinary practice owners and other professionals on both B2C and B2B new media marketing. You can check out her website at http://sunsocialmarketing.com/


facebookWhen was the last time you took a stroll through all your Facebook settings and options? While you probably don’t have the time to keep up with every change and nuance of Facebook (who does?!), you should explore ‘below the decks’ of Facebook every now and then. New developments are made frequently, but you might not see many of them unless you’re intentionally looking.

I’d like to share such a feature with you today that tends to be under-utilized on veterinary pages. Simply called “Replies”, this option can be found by choosing your Edit Page menu and then selecting Edit Settings.

image002You’ll be able to see if the option is on or off, and toggle between the two by clicking Edit at the far right of the option.

Replies is a kind of “add-on” to Facebook comments that allows you and your fans to reply to another comment specifically. This might be known as a thread or a conversation and the reply indents, so you and your fans can easily follow and refer back to the discussion. You might notice that there’s an option to add photos to comments, and this same option is available for replies.

A second – shall we say bonus – feature that comes with enabling replies is the ability for you and your fans to sort comments on your posts by either Top Comments – the default – or Recent Activity. If you have a lot of comments, Top Comments displays the most engaging (selected by Facebook algorithm) comments first. These will be the comments with the most interaction, including replies. To see the most recent comments instead, select Recent Activity. You won’t notice a change on your posts that don’t have many comments.

The image below is an example of what comments might look like with replies enabled.


There are a couple reasons you should enable these features on your page. A lot of pages still haven’t discovered or turned on replies, so you’re likely to stand out and look unique to many of your fans. You’ll make your fans feel special by replying to their actual comment, rather than just commenting below it and referencing it. And, by enabling conversations that are easy for you and your fans to keep track of, you’re likely to experience a snowball effect of interaction with your posts.

Can you think of any other benefits to enabling replies? Any downside?

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Boston May 14, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Thank you so much for this aretcli, it saved me time!


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