A Healthy Hospital Culture – Where the Going Gets Good

by Rebecca on May 13, 2013

You have accomplished quite a bit, by establishing CLARITY through the development of your hospital’s leadership team, your purpose and core values, as well as your hospital’s uniqueness.  Then you have built the 4 walls of COMMUNICATION, which have allowed you to protect your most valuable asset- the people inside.

Now to the inside, and that is your hospital’s CULTURE.   Your CULTURE is a set of unwritten rules that determines how people in your business act, react, problem solve, and treat each other.  CULTURE includes attitudes, beliefs, values, standards, expectations, and approaches that characterize people when they are together.

Your CULTURE is the personality of your hospital. You as the leader shape the culture whether you intend to or not.  Healthy cultures never happen by accident; they are created.

The number one force that shapes your culture is your hospital’s values.

A clearly defined, healthy culture can be very energizing and for those of us (should I say all of us) who have experienced an unhealthy culture, you know how draining that can be.

Healthy cultures attract healthy people and the opposite is true as well.  It has also been well proven that your business’ culture significantly affects long-term productivity (see SAS™ and Southwest Airlines™.)

By taking care of CLARITY and COMMUNICATION, you are well on your way to creating a healthy culture, but it takes time.  You can’t force a great culture to develop.  This is a crock-pot not a microwave.  It will take at least 2 years to develop your hospital’s culture into all you and your leadership team imagine it could be.crockpot and culture

Is it worth the investment of energy and time to ensure your hospital has a healthy, thriving culture?  Unequivocally, this will be what makes it worthwhile.  Imagine a day when your team consists of “the right people on the bus” and you are all working together towards common goals.  Now, I am certainly not saying difficulties and issues will never happen, but they will be a lot easier to resolve when everyone is headed in the same direction, and with a healthy culture this is possible!

A healthy culture will lead to a hospital filled with people who have the same values and have embraced your hospital’s purpose and uniqueness.  Your hospital will “stand out in a crowd”.  Embracing CLARITY, COMMUNICATION and CULTURE will then allow you to focus on the last component, which we will talk about next time.

 Does it sound like a pipe dream? Does this seem possible to you?  I would love your feedback.

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