A Great Technician & a Great Hospital-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

by Rebecca on September 13, 2015

A great technicianOne of the hospitals we do a lot of surgery for was recently looking for a technician.

This is a great hospital where they practice good medicine, do their best to serve their clients and their pets, and just like every hospital we work at they have a very distinct culture.

There was also a registered veterinary technician I have personally known for over 15 years who was looking for a job. When this technician and I worked at the same hospital she was the one I picked to work with my dogs because she did an excellent job and I didn’t have to worry about the care they would receive.

It seems obvious then that they would be a perfect match- a great hospital and a great experienced technician.

When I was asked my opinion, I spoke truthfully that I loved this technician, that I chose her to take care of my own dogs but that I did not think she would be a “good fit” in their hospital’s culture. They decided to hire her anyway because they need to fill a position and she had good skills (sound familiar??)

As you might have guessed, things did not turn out very good and within about 2 months both parties agreed that things were not working and she left.

Was I surprised? Not in the least because if you have someone with all the skills who doesn’t fit your culture she will never be a good fit for your hospital.

Now we are 8 weeks down the road, the hospital has spent time, energy and money investing in someone who would never fit in their hospital. Hiring someone is expensive and hiring the WRONG person is even more expensive. Let alone, all the time and energy you have now wasted “on-boarding” the wrong person.

To me, even worse than how this bad hire affected the hospital is how that technician must feel. No matter what anyone says, being let go from a job is painful and embarrassing. You are full of shame and often wonder if you are any good at what you do. This can be devastating.

We often underestimate how badly hiring the wrong person can affect them and their wellbeing.

Are there things you can actually do to ensure that your next hire is the right hire?

Yes actually there are, stay tuned for the next post when I will share my secrets to finding rock stars (hint, it is really pretty simple) and how you can too! In the meantime…..

Has your hospital ever made a “bad hire”? Did you know it right away or did it take awhile to figure out? Share your stories below!






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