How You Can Help Save the Veterinary Profession Today

by Rebecca on July 22, 2013

Earlier this week, this came through my twitter feed.

I honestly thought it was a joke.

A little later this tweet came through my twitter feed.

The only good news last week was that the third school, which was going to open in Buffalo, New York, has been canned.

The 2013 Workforce study concluded that there is currently an excess capacity of 12.5%.  This is a real problem and what is the AVMA doing?  Accrediting more veterinary schools?  What are veterinary schools doing in response to this study?  Increasing class size.  Does this make sense to anyone?

I would really like for the AVMA to explain to its constituents how it can approve more veterinary schools being opened in light of the report that just came out about there being a surplus of veterinarians.   I have been an AVMA member for over 20 years, but I am beginning to question my membership in an organization that does not seem to have your or my best interests on their agenda.

What about all the veterinary schools increasing enrollment in light of the market saturation of veterinarians?  Are we naïve enough to believe that all these young veterinarians are going to want to inspect meat for a living- I highly doubt it.  We need to be actively questioning whom they are serving as well.

Now is the time to quit talking about what we all know is going on in our profession and actually DO something that can make a difference.

Check out  This is a grassroots movement that was started by a group of veterinarians concerned about the future of the US veterinary profession.  Their goal is to persuade the AVMA to listen and return to its primary mission of protecting and promoting the US veterinary profession.  If the AVMA is not looking out for us, then whom exactly are they serving?

Go to the site now and sign the petition. “ Like” them on Facebook.  Most importantly, spread the word to your colleagues.  I just stumbled onto this site and I am sure like me, most people do not know about it. Today is the day, let’s stop talking and start doing!

 Will you step up today and help save our great profession?

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