Management vs Leadership

by Rebecca on September 1, 2012

Back in the day, management was created (back in the 1850’s actually. ) How many other technologies from the nineteenth-century are you using in your animal hospital today? Why do we insist on managing our teams instead of leading them? I believe one reason is because management is more black and white and easier than leading. That being said, managing is also a lot less rewarding!managementvsleadership

Managers lead everyone the same way. Managers would hire the same personality type for the whole hospital if they could.

The goal in management is COMPLIANCE based on control by the people in charge. Its chief tools are extrinsic motivators. “Carrot on the stick” type of rewards are the norm. The idea of managing people presumes that people, on their own, do not have much motivation. They must be prodded to get anything done. It also presumes that once people do get moving, they need firm boundaries and guidelines or they will quickly get off task.

To sum it up, managing implies, that without bosses telling people what to do, nothing would ever get done.

Leadership is a different animal altogether.

Leaders lead everyone differently. They capitalize on hiring people with the same values but different personalities in order to strengthen the entire team.

Leaders understand that individuals have different strengths. Once they identify those individual strengths, they can then leverage them to better their hospital. Leaders understand that giving people within their hospitals some level of autonomy is essential. Leaders know their team is their most valuable asset. They do all they can to increase engagement of their team. Leaders understand that the “right” people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to do a job and want to do it well.

Which is more fulfilling? For me, it is a no brainer. I would rather lead than manage. I believe that the “right” people in your hospital want to do a great job, and they will if you let them. I know there will be push back on this. Some may say, “that may be true in your business but it’s not in mine,” and I disagree. I believe if you have team members who want to be managed and not lead, they may not be the type of people you need in your hospital.

Do you feel like you are a manager or a leader in your animal hospital

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