5 Easy Things Your Team Can Do To Improve Client Satisfaction

by Rebecca on June 8, 2014

Awesome Customer Service  RatingI recently read “Influencer: The Power To Change Anything” by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, and others.  “Influencer” outlines a number of methods you need in order to create lasting change within your business, your family, yourself or even the world.

One of the case studies was a large regional medical center that had over the last 13 months received decreasing patient/customer satisfaction scores.  Clinical care was not the issue but people felt that they were not being treated with care, dignity or respect.  The hospital director brought the executive team together and he asked, “How do they fix this?” Two teams were formed and they went about finding the positive deviance.  Find the health care professionals who routinely scored high in customer satisfaction in areas where others did poorly.

They were not looking at systems, pay, and the carpet in the employee lounge but were instead focusing on BEHAVIORS they could teach others- behaviors that were both recognizable and replicable.  They interviewed both these high performers and former patients.

Eventually they identified the following 5 key behaviors they believed led to high customer satisfaction scores:


Make eye contact

 Identify yourself

 Let people know what you are doing and why

 End every interaction with “Is there anything else you need?”

 They then created a strategy to influence these behaviors.  The result?  As all the 4000 employees started enacting the 5 vital behaviors, service quality scores improved dramatically for 12 months in a row.  Within a year, this same hospital achieved best in class among it peers and is now a recognizable best in class among its peers.

Wow all of that by making sure that everyone did these 5 things!  I believe these are behaviors that would benefit your hospital as well.  Probably a lot of you are intuitively doing some of them but is the rest of your team? And is everyone doing them every time?  That is what will separate your hospital from the one a few miles down the road- creating predictably great experiences for your clients and their pets.

Do you have certain phrases or behaviors that ensure your team is delivering the level of customer service that you desire?  Any behaviors that you have recognized in your “high performers” that make them stand out?

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Marie June 8, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I can’t remember where I heard it (probably at one of the catalyst meetings) but a client should see you “smile when you answer the phone. Behaviors I see that stand out are the small things that mean a lot to the client. For an older person placing the tops on the vials so they are not child proof. Writing done the instructions in detail for the owner that goes home with multiple meds. Going to an owner’s home to help medicate their pet or having the owner bring it in to medicate it for them. Loaning out items from their own pets ie, cages, slings, boots, to help a pet in the recovery stage.
I think my staff does an excellent job but I plan on just reviewing the five things at a staff meeting to reinforce the importance of it and how much it does make a difference.
I had read previously of the importance of the fifth point, asking the owner if there was anything else they needed to discuss esp. during a routine exam. It seems to open an avenue for the client to feel comfortable asking questions.


Rebecca June 8, 2014 at 8:36 pm

Awesome stuff! So true about talking on the phone. Your team does a GREAT job with those intangibles!!


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