What is Your Biggest Challenge at Work?

by Rebecca on June 3, 2013

Girls can do anything!
It is hard work keeping an animal hospital running smoothly.  My business is a lot less complex with only a few team members and I can barely keep up.  I really can’t imagine having to deal with the multitude of issues you business owners have thrown at you every week. I do hope everyone reading this has already figured out that YOU ALONE can’t do it. You may want to think you are Wonder Woman™ or Superman™ but you are not.

My guess to your biggest challenges at work revolve around your staff, dealing with challenging pet owners, and keeping all the financials humming along (I hope you will take a moment though and comment at the end of this post!)

Personally, my biggest struggles are time and energy.  Despite having a number of people who do a lot for me (Thanks Marilyn and Heather!), I still feel like I can never get the to-do list completed.  I am beginning to believe that feeling like everything is finally done is actually not an attainable goal.  I am trying to accept that there are limits to what I can get done and not worry about getting everything completed as readily as I would like.

The challenge is if you are constantly putting out fires or always feel like you are one step behind, it is unlikely you are taking time to work ON your animal hospital.  Working ON your animal hospital never seems urgent, but is it vitally important if you want to thrive in this competitive marketplace.

At the end of a busy day, by the time I get home with the kids, get dinner ready, and do all the family things I need to do- I am spent.  I don’t think it will be too long before I am going to bed earlier than my kids.  I have finally resigned myself to know that finding time in the evening after working all day is not a possibility.

I am pretty hard headed, but I know if I want time to work ON my business or CatalystVETS, I must schedule it.  I have actually started taking another day off during the month since the beginning of the year and it has really helped.

I now have set times built into my weekly calendar when I am able to work ON TVSS as well as growing CatalystVETS.  I don’t always accomplish all that I would like, but it is much better having dedicated time unlike a couple of years ago when I would MAJORLY intrude on family time with my work. So now it is your turn …

 What are the biggest challenges you face at work?

 Do you have a set time in your workweek to work ON your business rather than just in it?

 I’d love to hear your comments on these.

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