Do Your Hospital Members Feel Appreciated?

by Rebecca on July 6, 2012

Lack of appreciation – We keep seeing this so frequently that I feel the need to address it even though it is awkward for me to bring it up.  We continue to see  people who are frustrated and fed up with the status quo, people who have given their all over many years, but still feel unappreciated and replaceable.appreciatedthankyou

Is that how you want anyone who is working in your hospital to feel?  One thing I have learned over the last 10 years of working with over 35 animal hospitals is that the vast majority of people working in your hospitals want the business to be as successful as you want it to be.  That may be hard for many of you practice owners to believe, but I know it to be true. We see it every day.

Why is there a disconnect then?  Why is there so much disengagement, passive aggressive behavior, and gossip that goes on in animal hospitals?  I believe it’s because the vast majority of these people think they are not appreciated. Over time, they think they are replaceable.  Why would they think that?  Well, at some of the more dysfunctional hospitals, we have actually heard that they have been told that!  What a morale booster that must be!

There is a great story about a woman who has been married for a long time but does not think her husband loves her anymore.  She believes this because he never says it.  They go see a counselor, and this comes up in one of their sessions. His response is, “Well, I told her I loved her on our wedding day, and I will let her know if anything changes.”  Wow, not good, but aren’t we all sometimes guilty of the same thing? I know I am!

Our teams are looking to us for support and appreciation.  I think we can all agree that none of our support staff entered veterinary medicine to “make it rich,” but they do want to make a difference.  They need you to thank them and let them know, that without them, your hospital would not be the same!

Isn’t that what we all desire- to know that we are appreciated, needed, and supported?


So who in your hospital do you need to thank today?

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