The Only Marketing Tool Your Hospital Ever Needs

by Rebecca on July 3, 2012

Technology has given us things that we never thought were possible, but unfortunately, it has also decreased the amount of authentic interactions between people.  That is why your number one marketing tool may be something you have never really thought about.Large Group of Happy People standing together.

The best thing is that this marketing tool is free.  It does not cost you any money, but it does cost you time and energy.  Time and energy can be challenging to come up with, but the rewards of those investments will be worth it.

This marketing tool:

  • Works with existing clients and also with people you have never met.  It will prevent you from becoming a commoditized service, which is where we are headed as a profession if things don’t change.
  • Will make your employees become raving fans about your hospital-what more could you want?  Your team will be proud of where they work and for whom they work.  Now that is a rarity in this day and age!
  • Will be more valuable in your town than any discount coupons or dental month will ever be.  Your hospital will be the one people are talking about and the place new clients are seeking out.

What is this magic marketing tool? Well, it is not magic, and it has been around a lot longer than Facebook ™ and the iPhone™.


I know it sounds too soft and not cool enough, but the reality is we are all searching for authentic connection with real people. I’m sorry, but Facebook™ is not the place to find it.

We all need to be leveraging RELATIONSHIPS to create our ideal practices.  We need to create hospitals where relationships matter; relationships with our customers, relationships with our employees, and relationships with our communities. It is not all about the money, and honestly I will believe to the day I die, that if I focus on building relationships with people, then I will always have all the money I need (and this philosophy has not let me down yet!)

Instead of worrying about how to compete with the big box pharmacies or the corporate practice down the road, how about focusing on what you can actually control- your relationships.  Like I said earlier, it does take time and energy to make that happen, but this is the only true marketing tool that lasts.  I believe we, as a profession, have gotten away from the basics. It is time to embrace what we all know really matters!

The ball is in your court. So what do you want to do? Do you want to keep discounting those dentals or work on something that will make a difference every day of every month of every year? It’s your choice!

What can you do NOW to improve your relationships with your customers, your employees, and your community?

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