Two Non-Negotiables in Your Animal Hospital

by Rebecca on February 18, 2013

There are plenty of things that could be non-negotiables in your animal hospital, but I believe there are two that stand head and shoulders above the rest.  The best animal hospitals have a variety of personality types within them, but when it comes to TRUST and SHARED CORE VALUES, every team member must be in alignment.

twononnegotiablesTrust is like the oil in an engine.  Without oil, an engine will quickly stop working.  The same is true for the relationships within your hospital.  If you have someone on your team whom you do not trust or he or she does not trust you- that is not a solvable problem.  I have spoken before about tensions to manage but this is not one of them.  If trust was broken with one of your kids or your spouse then that may be something you want to work on, but that is NOT something to work on in your hospital.  What you are trying to accomplish is too important, and you must free that person’s future.

Honestly, if you are in a situation that trust is broken, you are not doing yourself or the other person any favors by keeping them on the team.  You could be guilty of sanctioned incompetence, which is demoralizing to everyone on your team.

Core ValuesAnother non-negotiable is your hospital’s core values.  For example, if your hospital has teamwork as one of its core values and you have a person on your team who just does not get that and is constantly undermining the team, then there is a problem you must address.  You will never be able to convince them that they need to change.  Core values cannot be taught.  People either “get it” and share the same values as you, or they do not.

If you have a team member who does not embrace your hospital’s core values, this is not a tension to manage. Instead, they need to find another hospital that better fits their personal values.  As I have heard Dave Ramsey say many times, “Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.”

It is not always easy to find the right team members who you trust, who trust you, and possess shared core values, but it is worth it to spend the time finding the RIGHT people for your hospital.  The right people for your hospital are what truly make your hospital great, and though it can be a challenge to find great people-it starts with actually knowing what you are looking for!

Do you have other non-negotiables in your animal hospital?

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